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At lower levels of competition, it’s almost impossibly easy to score out on the soccer pitch.
However, once you get to the high school level (and above) things start to get real stingy in goal – and you have to become a bit of a sharpshooter to have any success scoring on a regular basis.
This is when real scorers are able to separate themselves from the rest of the pack, developing skills and abilities that allow them to seemingly score at will (or at least when their team needs them to find the back of the net).
If you’d like to become a sharpshooter on your team, here are a couple of insider secrets you’ll want to pay close attention to.
Pick out the net laces that you want your shot to hit
Too terribly many people out there lineup their shot to stick it in the back of the goal by looking at some general area that they hope to hit, rather than really focusing in on a nickel sized target – where the laces intersect on the net EXACTLY where you want to hit – and then trying to hammer the ball home nine times out of 10.
This is the kind of focus it takes to become a world-class score, and most people just don’t have the kind of attention to detail to get the job done.
Don’t be one of those people.
Kick the can
Another great drill that you can put into practice is to place cans all throughout the goal (empty soup cans or soda cans work perfectly), and then run through speed drills that have you drilling the cans – one ball for each can with no do overs – to see how quickly you can hit each and every one of those targets in rapidfire succession.
This will get you used to pulling the trigger quickly on a key shot, the kind of shots that you’ll find yourself attempting in games, and the kind of shots that are going to win big matches in the future.
It’s all about contact
Finally, it’s absolutely mission critical that you strike the ball in exactly the same way every single time you hit it, or you’re not going to have any real shot at consistently scoring goals. Consistent striking is a make or break skill that top sharpshooters have that amateur players do not – so you’ll have to decide which one you’re going to be.
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