Tickets for all games of the EuroBasket Women 2013 can be purchased online here.

For the First and Second Round tickets are available for an afternoon and evening sessions, from the Quarter-Finals onwards, day tickets are on sale.

Ticket prices range from 8 € for First and Second Round sessions to 61 € for premium day passes in the Finals.

Whenever a session is sold out on the event's ticketing system, the "Get Tickets" button switches to the "Registration" button.

You may then register on a mailing list and be informed, if ticket sales were to occur on this session at a later date, as soon as new tickets are available on the event's ticketing system.

If you have questions related to ticket purchase, please contact  [email protected]


For information regarding V.I.P. packages, please contact our ticketing department at [email protected]

V.I.P ticket holders are granted premium seats and a selection of exclusive services:
• Hospitality area free access
• Dedicated car parking
• Private entrance
• Cloakroom service
• Welcome gift
• Official competition program




The entrance is free for children under 6 years old (born in 2007 and after)
A child who enters for free will not have a seat in the arena and will have to sit on his parents' lap. If parents want their child to have a seat, then they should purchase a ticket for him/her.



10% discount on each purchased ticket. To order, please send an email to contact[email protected] with :
- First name
- Surname
- Street
- Post code
- City
- Country
- Phone number
- Email address
- Ticket details (Round and venue, Pass or Pack, category)
- Number of seats needed (wheelchair and personal care attendant seat)




How can I know when and where my team will play?
You may find the complete competition schedule in the "Final Round" section of the website.


How can I know exactly at what time games will start?
The exact start times and order of matches are still to be confirmed. All information will be published on and and may be subject to change.


What do the e-tickets categories mean?
There are 3 e-ticket categories, defined by their seat's position in the arena. Category 1 seats (sideline stands close to the court) include the best seats in the arena. Category 2 seats are located on the sidelines behind Category 1 seats, or behind the baskets, situated close to the court and Category 3 seats are on the sidelines behind Category 2 seats, or behind the baskets situated behind Category 2 seats.


Is the ticket holder‘s name indicated on the e-tickets?
Yes, the tickets display the buyer's identity. E-tickets cannot be given nor sold.


I have already bought my e-tickets on the web, but can I change the positions of my seats in the arena?
No, once your order is finalised and your seat(s) booked you can't modify it.


I have bought my e-tickets, but ultimately I can't go to the games. Can I return my e-tickets and get a refund?
Purchased e-tickets may not be returned.


Is there a special price for children?
Entrance is free for children under 6 years. However the child will have to sit on his parents' laps during matches. To book a separate seat for a child under 6, you have to buy an additional ticket at the full price.


When can I expect to receive my e-tickets?
You will receive your e-tickets about two months before the competition. An e-mail will be sent to you as soon as they are ready to be downloaded on your personal account of the EuroBasket Women 2013 ticketing website.


I have ordered special tickets for disabled persons. How can I receive them?
You will receive your tickets by post about two months before the event.